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Breast Augmentation Dubai

Breast Augmentation Dubai : Breast enlargement Dubai, breast implants Dubai. Dubai plastic surgery is the leading clinic for breast augmentation, breast enlargement surgery & boob job in Dubai UAE. Breast Augmentation is another name for Breast Enlargement or Breast Enhancement, and is also colloquially known as Boob Job. It is the single most requested plastic surgery in the world.

For women, their breasts play an important part in their overall personality and it also gives them a lot of confidence. Many women feel the need to have breast surgeries – some for cosmetic reasons, some due to deformities, and some due to mastectomies (removal of breast due to cancer). Whatever the reason, it is important to know that it is a surgery, which would need proper medical expertise and support.

So, before deciding to undergo this surgery, it is imperative to get a clear understanding of the process, and the do’s and don’ts associated with it. Being the leaders in breast surgeries, and the best in the field of breast augmentation in Dubai, we share the relevant information here for you.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure where a prosthetic implant filled with silicone or saline is used to increase the size or change the shape of the breasts. So breast augmentation is the artificial enlargement of the breasts. Also known as ‘boob job’, breast augmentation is believed to be the most requested cosmetic procedure among women.

Breast Augmentation Dubai

east Augmentation Dubai : Breast augmentation to enlarge breasts is the second most popular cosmetic procedure after liposuction. While there are women who request a breast reduction procedure each year, far more request a breast enlargement. Informally known as a boob job, here is some information about breast augmentation to help you with your decision on whether or not to have this procedure done.

Saline vs. Silicone Gel Implants : These are the two types of implants that are currently approved for breast augmentation. There is no perfect breast implant. You just have to decide what works best for you. You must be at least 22 years of age to request breast implant surgery which is thought to be due to the fact that by this age, the breasts should have fully grown.

Saline Implants : These feature silicone rubber outer shells that are filled with saline (sterile salt water). Some consider saline implants to be just water balloons and feel like them too.

Advantages of Saline Breast Implants : Firstly, only a small incision is needed in order to insert the implant and then inflate it with saline. Secondly, if the implant raptures, this is much easier for a plastic surgeon to deal with than a gel implant.

Disadvantages of Saline Breast Implants : Saline implants feel less natural and the wrinkling of the implant is much more visible with saline than with a gel implant.

Silicone Gel Implants : These feature silicone rubber outer shells that are filled with plastic gel. The gel and shell are made using variants of the same chemical.

Advantages of Silicone Gel Breast Implants : The advantages of this type of implant is that gel implants feel more natural than saline and there is less wrinkling of the gel implant.

Disadvantages of Silicone Gel Breast Implants : When the implant raptures, the gel will spread and the effects are still debatable compared to saline implant rapture which allows the body to easily absorb the salt water. Another disadvantage is that it requires a longer incision than the saline implant.

Both saline and silicone gel implants can be created with textured or smooth surfaces. The implants can also be round or shaped although round implants are preferred by most cosmetic surgeons. Silicone is also a safe material to use and is used in various aspects of everyday life.

Over or Under the Pectoralis Muscle : The pectoralis muscle is the thick muscle found in the chest. Breasts grow over this muscle. For a breast implant cosmetic procedure, the implant can either be placed over the muscle or under the muscle by the plastic surgeon. However, for saline implants, it may be better to place it under the muscle since placing it over the muscle may lead to more wrinkles of the implant especially if it is a textured implant.

Placing it under this muscle also allows for the blood supply to the nipple to be preserved since the nipple is connected to the blood vessels that penetrate this muscle. This will also allow for a possible future breast life to be much easier to perform than if the implant was placed on front of this muscle.

However, the disadvantage of placing it under the muscle is that the implant may be able to bulge high up in the chest which gives off an unnatural breast look. Also, if the muscle contracts, it can cause the breasts to look flat which can be embarrassing.

In order to place the implant, a pocket will be created for the implant under or over this pectoralis muscle.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

east Augmentation Dubai : Breast Enlargement Dubai, Breast Implants Dubai. Best Clinic for Breast Augmentation in Dubai, Boob Job Surgery in Dubai. During a breast augmentation or boob job, an implant is placed under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle beneath the breast. An implant is a soft silicone shell filled with silicone gel or a saline (saltwater) solution. To position the implant, an incision is made in the bottom crease of the breast, the armpit, or along the lower edge of the areola (the area surrounding the nipple).

The implant is inserted through the incision and may be placed under either the breast tissue or the chest muscle beneath the breast. Some doctors believe that putting the implant beneath the chest muscle lowers the risk for a condition called capsular contracture (hardening of tissue surrounding the implant) and interferes less with mammography than when the implant is under the breast tissue but in front of the muscle.

After the implant has been carefully adjusted to the correct shape and position, the incision is closed with stitches. Along with breast augmentation or breast enlargement you may opt for breast lift surgery.

Breast enlargements and lifts are usually done as outpatient procedures in a hospital or outpatient surgery center. An overnight stay in the hospital is not needed unless there are complications during surgery. The surgery takes 1 to 2 hours. General anesthesia is usually used, although local anesthesia or an epidural may be used in some cases.

Choosing the right breast implant

Choosing the right implant is a key to successful Breast Augmentation or breast enhancement surgery. Because body type and breast goals are personal from woman to woman, it is important you choose implants under the guidance of an experienced plastic surgeon. In addition to silicone gel and saline choices, a woman’s implant is based upon breast width, projection, and volume.

Doctors’ training and experience play a large role in their preferred method of breast implant surgery. To provide the patient with natural-looking results, doctors usually augment patients’ breasts anywhere from an A cup to a D cup. In order to decide upon what looks best to you, you can ask to “try on” breast implants, or view computer imaging of yourself with enhanced breasts.

It totally depends on the type of surgery undergone to determine whether or not a patient will be able to breastfeed post boob job or breast augmentation surgery. If the incisions are made around the areola due to the possibility that nerves may be damaged around this sensitive area during surgery certain complications may arise. This may leave the patient able to nurse either partially or even fully with however the possibility of these complications must be discussed with a health professional or your surgeon prior to surgery.

Breast Implant Removal : Many women at a later time may decide to have the implants removed. Do be aware that the breast will not revert back to the original. Since skin stretches to accommodate the implant, when the implant is removed, the breast will be droopier and may have more stretch marks. A lot of the scar tissue that surrounded the implant will be removed by the surgeon but the surgical scars will still remain.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Augmentation. east Augmentation Dubai : Breast Enlargement Dubai, Breast Implants Dubai. Best Clinic for Breast Augmentation in Dubai, Boob Job Surgery in Dubai.

Will breast augmentation increase my risk of breast cancer?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by women considering this surgery. Many studies have shown that women who get implants are not at an increased risk for getting breast cancer. In addition, implants do not delay the detection of breast cancer. Numerous studies, as well as evidence from the National Cancer Institute, show that having implants does not hinder the patient or their physician in finding breast tumors. Finally, breast implant patients who do get breast cancer have the same chance of obtaining remission, or being free of cancer for 5 years, as women without implants.

Am I too old for the surgery?

Many women in their 40s and 50s have undergone breast augmentation surgery with good results. The most common patient for this surgery is a woman in her 30s with two children who has been considering this operation for many years. Whatever your stage in life, we encourage you to schedule a consultation to find the best path toward your cosmetic goals.

Should I wait until I am done having children to have augmentation?

Pregnancy will change the size and shape of a woman’s breasts whether she has implants or not. These changes may adversely affect the cosmetic appearance of any augmented breast. It is usually recommended that pregnancy be postponed until 6 months after the surgery. Breast-feeding with implants is still possible and has been shown to be safe for the baby and the mother.

Will augmentation work for me if I feel my breasts are sagging?

Women with sagging breasts, which is called “ptosis”, can also receive breast implants. Depending on how much the breast sags, an additional surgery may also be necessary. For breasts with nipples that droop below the lower crease of the breast, a breast lift surgery, or mastoplexy, is often required as well. This surgery will also add scars all the way around the nipple-areola unlike most breast augmentation surgeries. Without this additional surgery to remove excess skin, placement of the implant may not adequately correct the sagging.

How do I choose my new size?

This is often one of the most difficult decisions, and for many reasons, has the most potential for disappointment. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will work with you to identify what size of breast you desire from augmentation. “Breast size” as measured by bra-size is variable and is often not a good way to measure final size. As a general rule, every 125-150cc of implant volume equals an increase in a single cup size. However, every patient’s body is different. By working with your surgeon and their clinical team, you can set obtainable and healthy expectations together. It is helpful for you to bring in a bra the size you would like to be to help in finding the right sized implant for you.

How Much Does a Boob Job Cost? How much does surgery cost?

Boob job price will vary from one plastic surgeon to another but the average cost for a breast augmentation is about $4,000 with about $1,000 extra for the saline implants and a bit more for silicone gel implants.

At your consultation you will receive a detailed summary of all costs associated with breast augmentation surgery at the University of Michigan and an explanation of our payment policies.

Will my nipple sensation or feeling change?

Most women will have loss of some feeling or sensation following breast augmentation surgery. For most of them, this lasts 6-12 months before returning to normal. 15% of women, however, have permanent alterations in nipple sensation.

How long until I can exercise?

It is recommended that patients begin walking immediately after surgery. However, women should not perform any intense physical exercise for six weeks following the operation. Physical exercise including weight lifting, biking, jogging, and other forms of intense activities may cause implants to shift position or cause wound healing problems that may alter the appearance of the breasts after surgery.

When can I return to work?

This depends on your job and its physical demands. Some general guidelines are: Upper arm movements, like reaching, should be avoided for the first 1-2 weeks. Lifting anything heavier than 5 pounds should be avoided for 6 weeks after the operation. This lifting restriction may prevent some women from returning to work.

How much pain can I expect?

The pain from breast augmentation surgery is usually in the moderate range and generally can be well controlled with medication in the first 1-2 weeks following the surgery. It is important to note that severe or untreatable pain following surgery can mean infection or another complication.

When can I drive?

Women may start driving a car one week after surgery as long as they are not taking any pain medications.

Will the new implants affect my physical functioning, can I lift heavy objects?

It is unlikely that you will experience long term changes in physical functioning. Depending on the size of the implant, most women find no trouble performing most physical activities following the surgery. Weight lifting or lifting heavy objects will not affect the implant once the area has properly healed.

Can I breast feed after augmentation?

Yes. Placement of the implant below the breast tissue, as in subglandular placement, does not affect the ability of the breast to produce milk. Similarly, submuscular placement, or implant placement below one of the chest muscles preserves proper breast functioning. With the peri-areolar incision, an increased risk of breast-feeding problems may exist. In one study, 7/8 patients reported problems with breast-feeding following peri-areolar breast augmentation surgery. For women who choose the infra-mammary or trans-axillary incision, (incisions under the breast and through the armpit), breastfeeding is usually not a problem. Be sure to discuss your breast feeding needs with your surgeon during your consultation.

Will I need additional surgeries?

Sometimes additional surgeries may be required for augmentation patients. To reach optimal symmetry, you may desire follow up breast lifts or other supporting procedures. Additional surgeries may be needed if you face any complications during your augmentation, like implant rupture or capsular contracture. In addition, implanted breasts will age just like any other body part and in the future some woman choose to have additional operations to correct the results of gravity and aging. During your consultation, you and your surgeon should discuss the possibility of additional procedures after breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast Augmentation Cost – How Much Cost Will You Incur For Breast Augmentation? An Estimate of How Much Breast Augmentation Costs. While talking about well-known plastic surgery lots of people ask about breast augmentation costs. Frankly speaking, the prices are within a wide range and it’s not always that easy to make final calculations.

Being a complex surgical procedure breast augmentation pricing requires the presence of many constituents. In other words, to outline breast augmentation costs we have to take into account the prices of breast implants, the procedure itself and some other additional fees you will have to pay.

The costs of surgery will mostly include the average price of implants. If you are determined to perform breast enhancement, be ready to have up to $10000 depending mostly on the area you are in. In big cities the price of breast implants seems to be considerably higher.

When outlining breast augmentation costs make sure that you are informed about all the conditions of this particular clinic. Find out whether they offer you a pair of implants or you pay only for an individual one.

The final price depends on the material they are made of. The surgical costs will appear to be higher if you have chosen silicone implants instead of saline ones for breast enhancement.

Certain that anesthesia, rehabilitation medications and additional hospital fees are already calculated. Otherwise you may be upset by the final breast augmentation costs.

Anyway do not try to save your money by choosing a clinic with tempting low prices. Consider the reputation of a surgeon or a clinic you are going to trust yourself in. Otherwise, you have a chance to come across a “bad boob job”. In the issue, breast augmentation costs may be expressed by extra surgeries or recovery treatment.

On the other hand, non surgical breast augmentation costs seem to be more attractive. In this case you are responsible for any kind of natural pills or a special cream used for breast enhancement. Moreover, you don’t have to use synthetic hormones and surgical procedures which sometimes may lead to unpleasant complications.

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